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Three strands real leather or PU leather bracelet interlock silver magnetic clasps tubes CL6DXb
Three strands real leather or PU leather bracelet interlock silver magnetic clasps tubes

Order Desk will connect to your WooCommerce store and download your orders. By default, orders from the previous seven days will be downloaded, but they can be downloaded 50 at a time, starting from any date you want, using the Manually Import Orders button.

In these integration settings, you can select your preferences for downloaded orders.

Instant Download will be set up automatically but will require you to visit the WooCommerce settings page after enabling the integration for it to start working. Please contact Order Desk support if you are having any trouble with the instant download being enabled.

Instant Download

Choose the folder where you want your WooCommerce orders to be put in as they are downloaded to Order Desk.

Shipment notices can be synced back to WooCommerce as your orders ship if the Sync Tracking Numbers setting is enabled. This will write a customer note back to your order at WooCommerce when an order has been shipped and will also email an update to the customer if that has been enabled.

Sync Tracking Numbers

Order status will be marked as completed back in WooCommerce after shipment is added if Mark Order Completed is enabled.

Mark Order Completed

If Sync Inventory is enabled, Order Desk will send your inventory counts back to WooCommerce to update the product inventory levels there as updates are made to them in Order Desk.

Sync Inventory

To add a prefix to order numbers use the Order Prefix field. This prefix will automatically be added to all orders downloaded to Order Desk from WooCommerce.

Order Prefix

The checkout data field on orders is a place to store extra information about the order or from the customer. With WooCommerce, you can bring in your order meta details as checkout data fields if the Download Order Meta as Checkout Data setting is selected. You can find these details in the upper right corner on the order page:

Download Order Meta as Checkout Data

If you want to bring in extra product details with your WooCommerce orders, you can enable the Download Extra Details About Products option. This will bring in details such as the product thumbnail and display it with the order. It will take a little longer for the orders to import when this setting is enabled.

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Summer days mean a few things, including beaches, ice cream, and mosquitoes. Unfortunately, the mosquito part came a bit early for folks in the Voronezh region of southwest Russia.

And these bloodsuckers are playing zero games. Just check out this video:

Or this photo of a car whose owner is never opening the door again:

Hordes of mosquitoes have invaded Russian towns throughout the area since early May, reports the Epoch Times . Heat and record-breaking floods seem to be responsible for the nightmarish conditions.

“It’s certainly true that temperature and rainfall influence mosquitoes,” said Lauren Culler, a research assistant professor of environmental studies at Dartmouth College, in an email to Earther. “A flood could certainly trigger the hatch of mosquito eggs that had been dormant.”

Culler has studied Arctic mosquitoes and found that these nasty-ass critters pop up sooner and in larger numbers as temperatures rise—which is exactly what’s happening up north as climate change takes front seat. A study she authored in 2015 predicted a temperature rise of two degrees Celsius in the Arctic would increase in the probability that mosquitoes survive and become adults by 50 percent.

Now, southwest Russia isn’t the Arctic, but the general idea that milder spring weather causes mosquitos to thrive should still hold. And, Sterling Silver Bracelet with Double Heart Tag with Bar and Ring Toggle Fastening 12YHsEBe
, the model she used could work for other ecosystems, too.

So is what’s happening in this region of Russiaa preview of the future? Maybe. But Culler is a bit skeptical and thinks some of the insects we see are also non-biting midges, which are easily confused for mosquitoes.

That hasn’t stopped anyone from freaking out, though. Children have avoided leaving their houses to attend school, fearful of getting “eaten alive” by these bloodthirsty insects, reports Russian-owned RT . I’d be scared, too, if I were them: After all, Princess Diamond Silver Tennis Bracelet GOLD SCtTpiNy
include tales of puppies and piglets dying at the behest of these mosquito armies.

Local veterinarians responded to news reports, though, saying that the bugs weren’t to blame for these deaths. Instead, vets blamed the animals’ owners, citing “inadequate conditions for their maintenance and feeding.”


Waze drivers don't have to toggle between its app and Spotify.

By David Kaplan Mar 14, 2017 12:44PM

Driving and music are natural companions, so it makes sense that apps powered by Waze and Spotify thatreflect navigating and listening would come together.

The partnership between Waze and Spotify allows users of either one to stay within a single app to access and control the functions of both.

The idea of embedding complementary functions from one app (or more) into another — think of airlines and hotel apps letting users access a ride-hailing service within their walled garden — is becoming more common.

Given challenge of maintaining app engagement is remains a constant uphill battle , sharing APIs makes a lot of sense for most brands that can promote useful and seamless accompaniment.

“No more awkward flipping back-and-forth between apps or ending your favorite Friday-in-traffic tune to find the quickest way to the grocery store,” Waze says in a blog post touting the arrangement with Spotify.

The Spotify icon is visible on Waze (if Spotify is installed on the usersdevice, of course). One tap opens Spotify and the last song you listened to starts playing automatically, while the Waze navigation experience is uninterrupted.

For those who start their drive with the Spotify app, a banner at the top of streaming app’s window will prompt users to “Start Waze Navigation” without having to exit from their playlist.

The combination also would seem to strengthen Waze’s and Spotify’s audience numbers. Spotify currently claims 100 million users (30 million of whom are paid subscribers, meaning that the rest are exposed to its audio ads). For its part, Waze has 70 million monthly global users.

Considering that 60 percent of music streamers are now listening on mobile — and that music streaming ad revenue is worth $1.5 billion and expected to hita reported $7 billion by 2030 — the alliance could also help drive ad revenue for both.

Waze and Spotify were unavailable to comment on whether they would actively collaborate on ad sales, but it stands to reason that anything that generates more time-spent will impress marketers who advertise either platform.

At the moment, the audience who can access the dual functions will be a bit limited, as the combination is only available on Google Android devices (Waze is owned by Google).

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David Kaplan @davidakaplan

A New York City-based journalist for over 20 years, David Kaplan is managing editor of A former editor and reporter at AdExchanger, paidContent, Adweek and MediaPost.

Anyone is very welcomed to Las Fallas, so please feel free to come everytime your heart wants to. Let’s make this fire culture connection possible.

April 25, 2016 at 12:08 pm

I had the chance to speak with Karen and Arlo in Castielfabib Association and it was very interessting!

Finally, as all the Falles, it burnt perfectly! ;)

Thanks for coming to Valencia! This Burning Man-Falles relation has a great future!!!

Elements Sterling Silver Ladies B4227C Horse Shoe Clear Pave Cubic Zirconia Bracelet of Length 19 cm 3 cm Extender B4227C eTHqsQXDF

Good article, Dave. Our history and spirit are well explained here.

I’m Jordi and we were together “dressed as red devils, parading through the streets”. We are one of the oldest gangs of devils in Valencia, with 25 years of repectable and recognized work around our County. It was a shame that you couldn’t see our Beasts Of Fire at The Final Fire Parade because of the rain, a few hours before we burnt the Fallas with La Cremà. What you witnessed with us was the smallest Fire Parade we make, based in our brotherhood with that Falla Houseclub.

It would be nice to be in contact with you and start a friendship with Burning Man. Maybe, one year we might go to BRC and celebrate the beauty of fire with you all. It won’t be easy, but we’ll put our hands, hearts and efforts to make it possible.

Here, you can watch a bit of our show:

FJYOURIA Womens 18k Gold Plated Adjustable 8 Symbol Infiniti Open Thumb Finger Ring Pure Gold Band Ring UgMi27w3qB

Tuscany Silver Sterling Silver Small St Christopher Pendant on Curb Chain of 51 cm/20 inch bKEF7

Looking forward to hearing from you, I send you my best wishes for this year at Burning Man!! JORDI DEVIS. COLLA DE DIMONIS DE MASSALFASSAR.

Carissima Gold Womens 9 ct Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Oval Locket Pendant on Curb Chain Necklace of Length 46 cm ab2M5

It was a pleasure to share with you our “Correfoc” in Falla Arrancapins. You looked (and acted) like a real “Dimoni”.

April 29, 2016 at 5:45 am

That was a great article Burnig Man. My family lives jn Valencia, and so I’ve gone to fallas many times. I always complain that the mazcletas are too short, but each one leaves me wanting more. And that last one on the 19th is like kissing a girlfriend goodbye before a long trip. Did you see the castillos at night, the fireworks shows at 1am?i assume so. I inform you that the Italians have mazcletas on the beach, but those are different and somewhat boring. They start out as a marching drum like beat, and accelerate to a decent finale; the whole show is aerial.

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